This is a brief summary of some highlights!!


Fall 2021

Summer 2021

  • Dr. Aradhna Tripati hired me to work at CDLS, complete our Bayesian manuscript, other related manuscripts and finally be part of a healthy lab in the US.
  • Resigned from my first postdoctoral position for multiple instances of discrimination and differences in the impact of science in society.

Spring 2021

  • Joined CDLS at UCLA.
  • First teaching demostration at The University of Arizona (iSchool). They liked my interview!
  • Started my first postdoctoral position.
  • Paper rejected! x3
  • Got five discus fish :)
  • First job application to UCSD. They interviewed me YAY! Congrats to Arun, the successful candidate!


Fall 2020

  • I passed my Doctoral oral examination.
  • So much frustration with RFmix
  • My 7yo laptop broke down. I repaired my beloved one but Dr. John J. Wiens provided a new one!
  • Submitted my first student’s paper!
  • Started applying for my OPT
  • Preprint for the ACC
  • Worked on a phylogeny for several hymenopteran species

Spring 2020

  • Climate change paper out
  • Lots of interviews!! First TV interview! First newspaper interview!!
  • Invited speaker at Congressman Grijalva’s office


Winter 2019

  • Went back home for a couple weeks!

Fall 2019

  • Took my orals
  • Applied to the R course in Nantucket (Organized by Dr. Revell)
  • Interviewed for a postdoc at Dr. Revell’s lab
  • Went to Nantucket!
  • Brassicaceae paper with Yherson and Mike Barker published!
  • Dr Liz Miller defended
  • Friday coffee with Dr. Dan
  • Came back to the US from Colombia!

Summer 2019

  • Went back home!
  • Backpacked in Peru, Bolivia and Chile for 1 month
  • Talk at Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Talk at Universidad del Valle, Colombia
  • Talk at Universidad del Quindio, Colombia
  • Diet MS published!
  • Paper with Alejandro Valencia rejected.

Spring 2019

  • First doctoral committee meeting
  • Road trip to GC and Page with EEB-UA friends
  • Submitted climate change and biodiversity ms
  • Wrote a column on Colombian Education with Alison Harrington (UArizona) and Francisco Henao-Diaz (UBC)
  • Travel grant rejected (AKA I covered attending Evolution2019 from my own pocked)
  • Nature column submitted
  • ColEvol fellowships
  • Taught my first software carpentry!
  • My friend Yerson defended his PhD at Harvard. So proud of him! Yherson is now faculty at my undergrad institution
  • Dr. Elizabeth Miller anc Chris Santos’s wedding!!
  • Presented my Tuesday seminar at The University of Arizona, EEB.
  • Took my written comps
  • Invited to submit at Anole Annals (I couldn’t make it!)
  • Re-submitted my diet paper for the ~10th time.
  • Started to work in a megaphylogeny for insects.


Fall 2018

  • Went to Vancouver!
  • Data Science Ambassador at UArizona! I was part of the first cohort!
  • Evolution meeting!
  • Jurado de Votacion in Barcelona.

Summer 2018

  • Hawaii, AGA symposium!
  • Went back home, colombia
  • San Cipriano, Buenaventura, Colombia


Winter 2017

  • Went backpacking to Europe for three weeks!

Fall 2017

  • EEB (UArizona) shirt!!
  • Petronio Alvarez!!
  • ColEvol 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer 2017

  • Went back home!
  • Helped organize ColEvol 2017!!

Spring 2017

  • First and last DEI committee
  • Helped organize ColEvol 2017!!


Winter 2016

  • Discovered interlibrarian loans at The University of Arizona. Life changer.

Fall 2016

  • First day of my PhD at The University of Arizona.
  • Working on the tortoise paper
  • We started writting out speciation review paper

Summer 2016

  • Hired as RA for one moth at Dr. John J. Wiens lab so I could settle down.
  • Phylogenetics workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico! Organized by Dr. Liam Revell.
  • Helped organize ColEvol 2017!!

Spring 2016

  • More revisions on the Halobatinae paper!
  • Visa application and interview!
  • Anolis manuscript with Rosario and Jose!


Fall 2015

  • Commencement at Universidad del Valle, Cali Colombia
  • Anolis manuscript with Rosario and Jose!

Summer 2015


Fall 2013

  • Geckos – Joined the grupo de estudio en herpetos at Universidad del Valle, Cali

Spring 2013

  • We started to work on our herp paper in Guarinocito, Caldas, Colombia